Blueface’s Boxing Gym Stabbing 911 Call Surfaces

Blueface suffered a stabbing last month while working out in a boxing gym, and the contents of the 911 call form the afternoon of the harrowing event has now come to light.

TMZ obtained audio from the harrowing call on Saturday (September 16). The trainer — who is also the owner of the gym — made the call when he realized that the “Thotiana” rapper had been stabbed.

“He stabbed my client,” he can be heard saying on the phone. “I’m with my son right now. Where? I don’t know. It was just some random guy. I don’t know. He’s somewhere around the area. He’s bleeding! Somebody send help!”

The 911 dispatcher then tells the trainer to “apply pressure to the area,” referring to the stabbing area, because “we’re on our way.” Listen to the recording below.

Blueface was allegedly stabbed by 36-year-old Brandon Henry Snell, who was booked on charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon for his role in the melee.

The “Thotiana” rapper shared footage of the incident on his Instagram Story captured by the San Fernando Valley gym’s security cameras, which shows Snell pull up on Blueface during a boxing session threatening to kill him.

The 36-year-old allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Blueface in the leg with his Rottweiler watching it all unfold.

Blue’s trainer David Kaminsky said things got heated quickly because the attacker started yelling “I’m gonna kill you” to Blueface as soon as he entered the gym and saw him. He said the guy stabbed Blueface in the leg and then fled. Witnesses say he was in a black Tesla Model S.

Blueface Under Investigation By Police & Child Services Due To Stripper Videos With Son

Blueface Under Investigation By Police & Child Services Due To Stripper Videos With Son

As a result of his injuries, Blueface was forced to postpone his upcoming boxing match against Salt Papi, which was slated for October 14.

“I won’t be able to fight October 14th I was stabbed by some random guy today won’t heal up in time,” he wrote. “Don’t say I ducked none bro came with a dog an a knife at 10am.”

Blueface’s son wasn’t happy to see his father injured and he implored him to stop training at least at that specific gym for the time being.

“When you go there again, and he pulls out the knife again, just call me and run home,” he adorably told Blueface. “This is why you shouldn’t go [to the gym].”

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