The Gall Of This McLaren F1 Replica Is An Inspiration To Us All

If this 986-generation Porsche Boxster can convincingly cosplay a McLaren F1 LM, then you can get over your impostor syndrome. My speaking has rarely been described as motivational, but that’s the message I want to send — nay, the message this masterpiece from the Czech Republic, which is currently listed for sale on eBay in the U.K., has inspired me to send.

What we’re looking at here is a doppelgänger of McLaren’s iconic, record-setting supercar built on the bones of Porsche’s Y2K-era roadster, with the same 252-horsepower, 3.2-liter flat six out of the contemporary Boxster S of the time. Peel away the Papaya Orange skin, and this is truly a Boxster at heart, as CarThrottle reported the last time a build that looked suspiciously similar to this one went up for auction two years ago. Only, back then, the bidding started at £51,000, or $63,321 given modern exchange rates. Today, it’s priced at three times that — the equivalent of $186,239.

Porsche Boxster-based McLaren F1 LM replica side profile view.

So this thing isn’t going to win Le Mans anytime soon, but it’s nevertheless a reasonably faithful tribute considering the starting point. The proportions are decent, the bumpers and doors have the proper molding to them, there’s a baby racing wing out back and the interior even seats three with the driver nestled in the center, just like the real deal. The taillights are ironically the same design as those on some F1 prototypes with amber indicators bisecting the red, but that’s a nitpick. We’ve certainly seen worse lookalike attempts.

Porsche Boxster-based McLaren F1 LM replica interior view.

The notes in the listing — which is hilariously titled “McLaren F1 LM,” no qualifiers — are scant but shed light on a few details. Parts of the 986 chassis have been replaced or bolstered with tubular construction, and the body is made of fiberglass. It’s got a front axle lifter so as to not scrape that delicate, shrunken nose. But undoubtedly the best part is that, depending on the customer’s wishes, this replica “can be fitted with a BMW V12 engine with manual transmission upon agreement (for additional cost).”

That’s quite the optional extra to rather casually drop into negotiations, and you’re probably sitting there thinking this seller’s full of shit. No — they’ve got an M70 raring to go, just say the word.

Photo of a BMW V12 engine beside the Porsche Boxster-based McLaren F1 LM replica.

All this is to say, life’s too short not to strive to be all you can be. Take it from the $180,000 Boxster with a fiberglass shell and dreams of endurance racing glory. If you’re interested in taking a punt, the seller has 100-percent positive feedback across eight satisfied customers.

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