Dani Pedrosa’s response to being asked if he will return to MotoGP permanently |

Pedrosa finished sixth in the sprint race at the Spanish MotoGP – the fourth of its kind, but the first for the KTM test rider.

His true influence could be seen on the podium, where Brad Binder and Jack Miller stood thanks to the bike that Pedrosa is so crucial to developing.

Now 37, and racing for just the second time in four years, Pedrosa is not tempted to return permanently despite other MotoGP legends who continue to race on four wheels.

“Car racing is not the same as motorbike racing,” Pedrosa teased. “No, no, I’m fine.

“I’m very happy. I’m enjoying very much what I’m doing.” 

Pedrosa said about his efforts in the Jerez sprint: “I was sixth, but I can see I was close, I can see [KTM factory riders Brad Binder and Jack Miller] one and two, fighting at the end. 

“Jack, I don’t know what happened, but he went third. Two bikes on the podium, my bike very close, it’s very rewarding.”

The sprint format is new to Pedrosa and he said: “The sprint race was really, really aggressive.

“The riders tried to gain as many positions as possible, as early as possible. 

“The second start was quite good for me but I chose to go outside because there were some riders banging on the inside, so I chose outside and then somehow they banged together. I got pushed out and I lost.”

Pedrosa is a wildcard entry at Jerez, who has been praised from up and down the grid for still showing glimpses of his previous genius.

He has gained knowledge of new MotoGP aerodynamics which he will take back to KTM to benefit its factory riders.

“It feels very different,” Pedrosa said about today’s MotoGP. 

“Everything in general becomes weaker, so when you ride alone, let’s say stiffness-wise and so on, you maybe feel it’s enough.

“But then when you ride the bike in a group, everything is much more sensible, much more moving and a little more weak. So you have to really set up the bike a little bit in a more stable way.

“Maybe when you ride alone it feels too stable, but then of course this is a good experience for me because then I can understand more when I’m riding by myself.”

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