Showtime previews Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia with All Access

As we gear up for this month’s long anticipated fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, Showtime releases its first full installment of All Access, focusing on both fighters leading into their big fight.

The bout between Davis and Garcia has been one years in the making at this point, so Showtime starts by reflecting on how we got here, even highlighting Garcia’s appearance on Mike Tyson’s podcast where he called out Tank.

“This fight I feel like can bring super fights back,” Garcia said. “Every chance that I had I would tell him ‘I’m making this fight happen no matter what I have to go through, no matter what I have to sacrifice. No matter what they put on me there’s no way this fight is not happening. This is a Kodak moment, as they call it.”

Soon after we segue to the opening press conference that officially announced the fight, where Davis was more than a little bit late. Some, like Garcia, chalk that up to Davis letting the ‘A-side’ get to his head while saying he intends to remain professional.

Of course after the festivities we get down to the business of training camp, where Davis and his team suggest that Garcia has tipped his hand with regards to their game plan. Garcia, however, says he has no doubt about what’s destined to happen, and that everything he’s gone through in life has been leading up to this point.

Check out the full opening episode in the video link above.

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