Gasly, Ocon sample Aussie Supercar

Formula 1 drivers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon sampled a Supercar on the Calder Park Thunderdome in Melbourne today.

The pair were joined by Alpine Academy driver Jack Doohan for a Castrol activation that saw the trio drive Thomas Randle’s Tickford Mustang.

It is the second time that Randle has been involved in a Formula 1/Supercars crossover after Fernando Alonso drove his Mustang around Albert Park on the Thursday of the Australian Grand Prix last year.

Castrol also used the Calder venue to let Daniel Ricciardo drive Rick Kelly’s Nissan Altima Supercar in 2019, although that was on the road course, not the oval.

“That was insane,” said Gasly. “A really amazing experience the first time driving this beast.

“It was actually my first time driving on an oval, it was incredible. Just too short – when I came back to stop here, I wanted to go for another 10 laps!

“It was a very impressive car, much different to what I’m used to driving so I definitely had a lot of fun.”

For former DTM driver Ocon, the small taste of a Supercar was a tin-top highlight – although he admitted that some wet weather, and the fact Randle will race the car at Albert Park tomorrow, meant he had to take it easy.

“It definitely felt great, it’s cool to have that experience as the car is racing tomorrow also, so we had a big responsibility. I love to try and experience new categories and that definitely was a lot of fun,” said Ocon.

“It accelerates very fast. We were on an oval and it was a bit wet today, so we were on the wet tyres, but it definitely is a proper Supercar. I did race closed racing cockpits before but that was definitely the one of the top ones I have tested.

“I drive Bathurst a lot on the simulator and it is something else. Of course I would like to experience it in real life, I haven’t done so, but one day.”

Doohan, meanwhile, was impressed with both the Mustang and the now-obselete Thunderdome.

“It was very cool. It was surreal to come here and see this place for the first time, the banking is amazing,” said Doohan.

“[The car] was unbelievable, a lot of power as well. I’d never driven the car before and for it to be in these conditions – slippery, greasy, a little bit wet and also on a track like this – it was very cool.”


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