Which NHL team has the best goal song? Vote now for your favorites

Most NHL fans unconditionally love their team’s goal song. Whether you embrace it from the beginning or not, the song eventually becomes associated with celebration and you can’t help but join in. If you’re a Hurricanes fan and Petey Pablo’s “Raise Up” comes on, you’re getting out of your seat.

But is your team’s song one of the better ones? Has it become stale with time? Is it pretentious? Is it simply a bad song? Or, objectively speaking, can you admit another team just has the perfect song?

It’s time to voice your opinion.

Using the following survey, we invite you to rate each NHL team’s goal song from 1 to 10. We’ve excluded the three teams — the Sabres, Panthers and Capitals — that have player-specific goal songs. We’ll close the survey next week and tabulate the results. Please add any more detailed opinions at the bottom of the survey.

(Note: If you’re having issues with the form below, try using two fingers to scroll along the side of your screen, as that often resolves the issue. If that doesn’t help, please feel free to go directly to the Google Form using this link.)

(Photo: Paul Rutherford / USA Today)

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