Bahrain Takeaways: Boring season ahead? Alonso won’t have it

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The 2023 Formula 1 season opener in Bahrain is behind us now, and while Red Bull will do their best to make the season boring, we have Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin to keep us entertained.

Red Bull just turned up for the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix and blew everyone away, and being realistic, that was expected, as anyone who thought that a 10% reduction in their wind tunnel time after their cost cap breach would slow them down, was delusional.

Their 2022 car, the RB18 was so good that the RB19 was bound to be better especially with Adrian Newey working his magic on the drawing board.

And so, Max Verstappen had the perfect start for a season in which he’s targeting a third consecutive Drivers’ Title with a dominant win as he cruised around the Bahrain International Circuit on Sunday to take the chequered flag 12s ahead of teammate Sergio Perez who made the weekend even more sweet for the Bulls, who are now threatening to turn our 2023 F1 season into a borefest.

But have no fear, Fernando Alonso will make sure we have some entertainment with his new trusty steed, the beautiful AMR23, that doesn’t seem to be lacking as well in the speed department, which means the Spaniard will be punching above his weight throughout this year.

Ferrari were expected to take Red Bull on but failed miserably, while Mercedes once again have a pile of sh!t to deal with.

There is nothing more really to be written about Red Bull; they are fast and will win a lot regardless of what Christian Horner says, and with that said, let’s head to our first takeaway from Bahrain.

Fernando Alonso in the right place at the right time?

One can only imagine what’s going on in Sebastian Vettel’s mind now that he saw Alonso on the podium in what could’ve been his car in 2023, and while many were skeptical about the Spaniard’s decision to ditch Alpine for Aston Martin, his result in Bahrain has vindicated him… for now.

Now we cannot be sure whether Alonso’s decision was an informed one or he just couldn’t wait to get out of his French prison, but the outcome is one. He is in the right car at the right time.

Aston Martin are now reaping the benefits of poaching Dan Fallows from Red Bull, as the AMR23, or as Christian Horner called it, the “Old Red Bull Car” seems to be a promising one especially as the team have announced that it would be developed ambitiously over the course of the season.

The Aston was so good that even Lance Stroll could drive it with one hand and make it into Q3, not to mention he didn’t get to drive it in pre-season testing.

Now the only thing that would be worrying for Alonso is that politics might become ugly within the team, an area he doesn’t excel in by the way, but that depends on how Stroll fares alongside him over the course of the season.

Who will Aston Martin support if the pair clash on track or off track, and by that I mean: Who will Lawrence Stroll support?

Will Stroll senior push for his son to be winning…

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