Netizens react to how Son Heung Min wants to spend his retirement

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Korean soccer player Son Heung Min recently garnered attention for sharing his dreams of what retirement would look like. 

I often image what my life would be like after I retire. I’m not worried about my career path but there are small things that I want to do. The thing I want to do the most is watch European soccer while enjoying chi-maek (chicken and beer) in Korea. I’d set an alarm and go to sleep early. Then I’d wake up in time for the Champions League game and order chi-maek through an app. (I just want to) turn on the TV, lean on the sofa, eat delicious chicken and drink some beer, and watch soccer. It’s my dream to watch as much soccer as I want. Since I’ll be retired, I won’t have practice or a match to get ready for. I think it’ll be really fun to watch all my juniors playing in the Champions League going, “wow, it’s so different from when I used to play”. I think it’ll be even more fun if I were watching with a lovely wife. But will they even enjoy soccer...”

Netizens were delighted by the simple desires of the world famous soccer player and posted their reactions. 

“The simplicity is so cute haha Oppa, let’s watch it together.”

If she were his wife, even if she didn’t like soccer, I feel like she’d start to take an interest in soccer and enjoy it haha.”

“It’s so simple.”

“I like soccer! I like chi-maek!”

Most of the comments were flooded with people who were hopeful of becoming Son Heung Min’s wife, as netizen observed, “All the comments are so cute. How many wives does Son Heung Min have across the country?” 

While most of the comments seemed to be full of prospective wives, there was at least one person who thought Son Heung Min’s simple dream was motivation for themselves to work harder. “Ah. I’m doing right now what Son Heung Min wants to do. What am I doing. I need to wake up.” 

While the Son Heung Min won’t be retiring from soccer quite yet, here’s hoping he’ll get everything he wants out of retirement.  

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