Jakob Chychrun’s trade destinations: 7 teams that could (and should) be

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Maybe you’ve heard this before, but Jakob Chychrun is on the market. 

This has been floating around for some time, but injuries and the asking price have held up a deal. 

Why should other teams be interested in this player that the Coyotes are so keen to move? It’s because the 24-year-old brings a lot of value to a team, and he’s cost controlled with a manageable cap hit of $4.6 million. The longer Arizona waits to move him, however, the lesser the return may be. While technically there’s no rush because he has another two full seasons under contract after 2022-23, a major benefit is that he’s signed for at least three playoff runs and can help solidify the playoff hopes for a progressing team.

What Chychrun brings to the lineup

Besides the fact that he’s a 24-year-old defender, with a manageable cap hit of $4.6 million, why should teams be interested in Chychrun?

There’s his versatility: a left-handed defenseman who can play either side of the lineup. That should make him a target for any team looking to add to their blue line, regardless of handedness. 

There’s his offense: Chychrun’s a good skater who can move the puck up the ice with control and can quarterback offensive play from the blue line. He’s a frequent shooter with finishing ability who will generally rate highly among the position — just not to the extent of some of his career-high seasons. The defender has some risk and reward to his game back in his own end, especially under pressure. But his environment may have something to do with it. 

That’s why there’s the fact that he’s probably going to be in a much better situation wherever he moves, which should boost his results more. In Arizona this year, his quality of forward teammates is among the lowest of all defenders in the league. That’s the breaks of playing on a bottom-feeding Coyotes squad. Anywhere else, he probably has a lot more support in terms of systems and team strength. That should put him in a better position to succeed than he’s been in through much of his career. 

A change in scenery can be exactly what a player needs to rebound or truly play to their strengths. Look at Hampus Lindholm in Boston versus Anaheim, for example. So interested teams should be banking on more from Chychrun elsewhere than they’ve seen so far in Arizona. And depending on where he goes decides what his role will be — maybe on another team, he won’t have to play as many tough minutes.

Why the Coyotes would trade him

At this point, no player is safe to stick around in Arizona. Even seemingly ‘core’ plays like Chychrun are likely to be on the move. This team is looking for future assets — specifically, two first-round picks as a starting point for the defenseman, or something comparable. Will they do anything productive with those assets to get out of this perpetual rebuild? That remains to be seen. It’s nothing about the player’s game, it’s all about the Coyotes looking to recoup…

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