Did you know that Primal Rage has a ‘human volleyball’ minigame that can be

Although it wasn’t quite as popular as fighting games like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, Primal Rage is a classic fighting game that was released back in 1994. In this fighting game, players play as kaijū-like beasts that battle against one another for world dominance.

During gameplay, human tribesmen will often wander onto the battle to worship their respective gods. By eating the opponent’s worshippers, it’s possible to regain strength. However, there is actually an Easter egg involving these worshippers.

By attacking a tribesman, they can be launched into the air towards the other player. Should they respond and attack the airborne tribesman, then it’s possible to send them flying back.

Do this enough times and the game’s timer will pause. Additionally, a volleyball net and a referee sitting in an unusually tall volleyball referee stand will appear. A second timer will appear under the now paused timer.

Indeed, a bonus round of human volleyball has been started. What’s funny is that the game will actually keep track of points for both players. Eventually, one of the players will be declared the winner of the volleyball match before the actual fighting is forced to resume.

Quite an interesting Easter egg. You can check it out in action courtesy of CSA on Twitter below:

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