“Make Sure I Didn’t Have Any Kind of Disease” – Scared of Brittney Griner’s

It turns out that Brittney Griner was growing so fast that her father got worried and decided to investigate whether a disease was responsible for her sudden height spurt in high school. As we all know, the WNBA star is listed as 6’9.

Basketball is a sport where tall athletes can dominate. Thus, it wasn’t really bad news that Brittney Griner was growing fast in high school. However, her father thought this was abnormal and decided to take the necessary steps to understand the situation better. NBA fans might be curious to know what Raymond Griner did and how it impacted his daughter Brittney.

Raymond Griner took Brittney Griner to the doctor in 8th grade 

Raymond Griner is a former soldier from Vietnam who even served as a Deputy Chief in law enforcement. He is listed at 6’2, which is already a height that many people would consider to be quite tall. Therefore, we can understand his surprise as Brittney Griner shot up past 6’5 when she was just in high school.


As a result of this sudden growth spurt, Raymond wanted to check out if anything was wrong with his daughter. Brittney revealed how all of this went down in her book, “In My Skin: My Life On and Off the Basketball Court.”

“Meanwhile I had no idea it was growing pains. Pretty ironic right? With all the other cr*p that was happening in middle school, all the emotional agony, here I was with physical pain too. My dad actually took me to the doctor in 8th grade to have everything checked out, to see why I was growing so quickly, and to make sure I didn’t have any disease or tumor pressing on my pituitary gland. They did all sorts of tests and everything was fine. My growth plates were just wide open.”


One can only imagine how difficult it was for Griner to accept her alarming growth rate and be convinced that there was nothing really wrong with her. After all, her own father’s disbelief and confusion must have certainly startled her to a great extent. Fans know that Griner soon went on to stand at 6’9. That makes her the third-tallest player in WNBA history. When you add her remarkable height to her basketball skillset, she might just be glad today that her growth plates stayed wide open.

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