The duality of Juventus fans

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Netflix has a docuseries out called “Sunderland ‘Til I Die.” In its two seasons, they follow the historic Sunderland AFC, a club that has gone from the Premier League to the third division of English football within the span of a couple of years.

I highly encourage you to watch it if you haven’t. Unlike other football-centric shows that tend to focus on big, successful clubs such as Manchester City, Barcelona and, well … Juventus. “Sunderland ‘Til I Die” focuses on a team that is thoroughly down on its luck all throughout its first season, losing game after game, only to be relegated from the Premier League to the EFL Championship and then into League One.

It’s riveting TV and I won’t say much more in case someone hasn’t seen it. However, there is moment in the second season that I want to talk about. Sunderland had just lost a brutal game, one of those games that leaves you numb, exhausted and depressed and wondering why do you even follow football at all. As fans leave the stadium, a couple of Sunderland supporters that have been featured sporadically throughout the documentary have a chocked up exchange:

“Why is it never us celebrating? Why is it never us?”

The documentary keeps pouring it on. As team president Stewart Donald leaves the stadium, he is approached by a fan that shakes his hand and puts into words what so many football crazed fans have probably felt once or twice in their life:

“Are we ever going to be good, mate? Are we ever going to be good? This is the eighth time we’ve lost here, I’m fucking heartbroken. I feel like crying in front of you. Are we going to get there?”

That’s the defeated tone of a fan that knows the answer to the question but is probably not ready to hear the answer out loud.

Juventus is hardly in the same boat as a club like Sunderland. In fact, it’s not in the same boat as the large majority of clubs in world football. Juventus is a top-tier, 1% type of football club. They are the most successful club in Italy by almost any possible metric — most league titles, most domestic cups, highest worth, highest payroll. Pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to Italian football Juventus is at the top.

But there is one thing Juventus cannot win, one thing where Juventus has consistently failed time and time again — especially lately — that despite the constant and historic levels of domestic domination they cannot seem to ever get there. The one tournament that made it so easy for me to relate to those heartbroken Sunderland fans.

Being a Juventus fan always come with the caveat of not being able to win a Champions League trophy. And look, if you are a fan of one of the thousands of clubs who would be happy to have half of the success Juventus has I know this is not going to gain your sympathy. Juve fans complaining about not being able to win the Champions League is like the New York Yankees complaining…

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