Mark Cuban reveals the NBA’s last hurdle to resume season

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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has opened up about why he believes the NBA is still holding out on its decision to resume the current season. According to the Mavs boss, the primary cause of the delay is the lack of availability of testing kits.

According to Cuban, he is growing in confidence that the NBA will resume the 2019-20 campaign. However, he also acknowledged the need for testing kits to be available in order to proceed

“The only thing we’re waiting for as I understand it — and this is just me talking second hand from what I’m hearing — we’re waiting for there to be a more ubiquitous availability of tests for everybody,” the Mavs owner said, per The Dallas Morning News. “In some states it’s really easy to get tested. In other states it’s not.

“We don’t want to be in the position where we’re taking tests away from American citizens that need it.”

For what it’s worth though, Mark Cuban highlighted that he believes Adam Silver and Co. are close to resolving the problem, which should allow the NBA to map out a definite timeline for the resumption of the season.

“Once we get over that hump, which I think is imminent, I think we’ll really be in a good spot to put the pieces together,” the Shark Tank billionaire added.

Cuban went on to say that the league is in a continuous process of analyzing all its available options while also learning from the approach taken by other sports leagues abroad, such as the Bundesliga in Germany.

“We’ve seen what they’re doing with German soccer and learning from that,” Cuban furthered.”So yeah, I’m a lot more confident; particularly if we do the Hotel California approach where we go into a resort of some sort and quarantine. You can check in but you can never leave until you’re [cleared]. I think we can handle that. I think we’ve got a handle on the science.”

The 61-year-old has also made it abundantly clear that in his mind, setting up the league in a single, isolated venue is the way to go. This initiative has gained a lot of traction of late, and it appears that it is going to be the best option for the NBA moving forward.

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