Brandt Snedeker’s Son Makes An Ace (Twitter Fans Question It)

Everyone loves a great ACE story. But does this one count?

Hi, I’m new here. My name is Joe Wowk, a new contributor to Golficity, and I’m beyond excited to share my perspectives on the game I gave up for almost 20 years before finding it again, thanks to my son. My last name is pronounced like the word “woke,” and something I read today sure got me to ‘woke level’ pretty fast.

As we all continue to learn what we need to do every day during this pandemic, I personally try to find something awesome to celebrate and stay positive.

One of the first things to appear when opening Twitter today was news from Brandt Snedeker. Sneds took his son, Austin, to play the Little Course at Connor Lake yesterday. And then it happened…

Austin nailed his first ace ever on the 9th hole. As a dad whose son also hits the course with him, I can imagine how awesome this moment was. It immediately made me think of how awesome it was to see my son’s team win his local Little League crown for his age bracket last spring because I experienced that when I was 8 years old. I’ve never drained an uno before but I’m sure if my kid beats me to the feat I’d be over the moon as well.

You’d think this would be awesome news for Brandt to share with the Twitterverse. But then Twitter showed up.

In the coronavirus age the new rules say if a raised cup or deflection device rests in the cup, the hole is considered counted if the ball strikes the object. This is what happened when Austin carded his first hole-in-one.

Many on Twitter were popping sparkling apple cider bottles in celebration of Austin’s achievement but a good number were also quick to jump all over Sneds. They had to start rolling their keyboard eyes, saying you have to tell the 8-year-old that his achievement was fake golf news. I won’t show their comments or Twitter handles to give these curmudgeons any credit, but I will offer some advice.

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This pandemic…the shutdowns…the economy…the job losses…and most of all, the sickness and loss we have suffered and will suffer are straining our patience, fears, anxieties, wallets, and more every day. I’ve taken a hit too, so I get it.

But this is a game. And a child drained his first ace. I don’t care if his Dad is Brandt, Tiger, or John Q. Public. That’s an ace. That’s what the rules say. No one should look down on or talk down about this achievement.

Way to go, Austin Snedeker! Next round of Hawaiian Punch in the clubhouse is on you.

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