Aleksandra the ace! Russian Gymnast Soldatova serves up scorching tennis video

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Russian gymnast Aleksandra Soldatova certainly knows how to keep herself in the headlines despite the break in sports after the multiple world champion posted a scorching video of her playing tennis in just her underwear.

Supple Soldatova posted the video in an attempt to get her fans to choose their favourite from two recent separate photoshoots, the first prancing around in just her underwear on a tennis court, and the second a more elegant catwalk-style clip donning sharp office attire.

It seems like her 432,000 followers were split between the two, with fellow gymnast Alla Shishkina accurately commenting: “First and second are excellent. Something tells me that men will choose the first and women the second”

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The four-time world champion and three-time European championship gold medalist has not disappointed with entertaining Instagram content during lockdown, showing off her frightening flexibility on monkey bars and even giving an insight into a ‘gymnast’s daily routine’.

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And it’s not the first time the 21-year-old has tried out a different discipline either, in January she snapped herself enjoying a skating trip during the New Year holidays, prompting talk she could rival fellow Russian star athletes Evgenia Medvedeva and Alina Zagitova on the ice.

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Despite conquering her field, Soldatova has had a rocky personal life which has involved a well-documented battle with bulimia. Earlier this year the youngster was the subject of a rumoured suicide attempt, which was later explained as a cooking accident involving a knife.

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