When Roger Federer’s Opponent Shouted “I Wanna be Like Mike” at Michael Jordan

When Roger Federer was playing his opening encounter in the 2014 US Open, Basketball legend Michael Jordan was in the stands watching the match. Federer was facing Australia’s Marinko Matosevic.

It was, in fact, Matosevic’s actions that prompted those to acknowledge Jordan’s presence in the crowd who weren’t already aware of it. When Federer and Matosevic were in the third set, the latter shouted, “I wanna be like Mike,” pointing towards Jordan.

Jordan himself had a giggle as the crowd began to laugh and clap. “I wanna be like Mike” was actually a famous commercial endorsing Gatorade. The phrase was probably used by a lot of youngsters in the United States at one point or another.

At the end of the match that Federer won, both he and Matosevic met Jordan and took a picture with him.

“It’s just amazing having Michael here,” Federer said after the match. “Growing up he was my big sporting idol. Having him here is unbelievably special and the collaboration is unique. I love it.”

Roger Federer has always admired Michael Jordan

Both Federer and Jordan are probably the greatest in their respective sports. When Federer started his professional Tennis career in 1998, Jordan had already turned himself into a global superstar.

He had popularized NBA all over the world after achieving immense success while playing for Chicago Bulls.

Federer has always admitted his admiration for Jordan. In 2017, when the Swiss, himself, was a 19-time Grand Slam Champion, he was humble enough to talk highly about the basketball great.

“I watched every Sunday (highlight) show,” Federer said. “Michael was the guy. He transcended basketball and was the hero of our entire generation.

“In Switzerland and in Germany, and where I grew up, (Jordan) was so big, and so well-liked, so successful, well-spoken. He had the perfect run going for so long.”

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