Marko: “That’s why Vettel didn’t renew the contract itself at Ferrari”

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Helmut Marko has suggested that Sebastian Vettel may have decided himself to give up at Ferrari. Furthermore, the Austrian argues that it can’t be bad for the four-time world champion to squeeze a year off.

Situation Vettel

The situation within the team is that there is a great rivalry, but Sebastian doesn’t just let it run over him either,” Marko notes in conversation with RTL. The advisor of Red Bull Racing then suggests that it has been Vettel who has made the choice to leave Ferrari. “That Sebastian has not extended his contract is probably because technically he did not see the potential to help him get a new world title”.

Marko would find it fascinating if in 2021 Vettel joins Mercedes next to Lewis Hamilton, but according to the 77-year-old Grazer there will be no man overboard if not next year. “If he doesn’t get that spot, a year makes sense. A year to see what happens. There’s a whole new set of regulations and budget limits for 2022. So there’s going to be a complete reorganization and in his situation I think he has a chance to return to a winning team.”

In the interview, Marko talks about how many men will be present in the paddock during the two Grands Prix of Austria. “The armada of Formula 1 will include about 1600 people.” These will be staff of the teams, the FIA, Pirelli, the engine suppliers, the marshalls and the organization of the GP itself. Formula 2, Formula 3 and the Porsche Cup will also be in action on the Red Bull Ring, bringing the total to just over 2000 people.

Lucky for Raikkonen

The media will be largely absent, which is good news for Alfa Romeo Racing driver Kimi Raikkonen. The Finn is never away from the mandatory press moments, Marko also knows. “Normally Kimi doesn’t talk much either, but this time he can completely immerse himself,” he laughs.

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