NCAA lets undrafted Arizona State punter return to college football

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As the saying goes, anything that looks too good to be true probably isn’t. The latest college football news from the NCAA at first blush looks too good to be true.

Via Michelle Gardner of the Arizona Republic, the NCAA has granted a special waiver to Arizona State punter Michael Turk, allowing him to return to school and play football.

Turk, the nephew of former NFL punter Matt Turk, was permitted to return even though he entered the draft and hired agents. Turk went undrafted and unsigned in the aftermath of the draft.

Gardner says that this type of request has never before been granted. Here’s hoping that it’s the beginning of a trend that would allow players to enter the draft and, if not drafted or unhappy with their draft status, could return to school if they still have eligibility.

Until it becomes a trend, however, I’ll assume that the NCAA’s fair and reasonable decision reflecting what would be a much more fair and reasonable approach to early entry into the draft is merely an aberration.

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