Counting Down NCAA Football Ratings for BYU Football Roster: 31-40

Without live sports it’s time to get creative. I recently came across a fascinating data set – the NCAA Football 14 player ratings. For those that don’t know, NCAA Football was a college football video game like Madden except it was for college football. The last NCAA Football game was made in 2014 before the game was shut down due to legal issues. Today, I tried to replicate the “NCAA Football” ratings formula and then I applied the formula to the 2020 BYU football roster. Does that make me a nerd? Yes, without a doubt. But, for your viewing pleasure, I’m pleased to unveil the top 50 NCAA Football ratings for the 2020 BYU roster. This will be a series, we’ll countdown starting from no. 50. Let’s dive in!

Ratings Explained

Since this is the first edition of our player ratings, allow me to briefly explain the rating system. The rating system for the old NCAA Football games is pretty harsh. For example, Kyle Van Noy received an 89 rating as a Senior before becoming a second-round NFL draft pick. That rating is too low for a player that was selected 40th overall in the NFL draft only months later. Cody Hoffman received a 91 rating which was the highest rating of anyone on BYU’s roster that season.

As I tried to replicate the formula, I divided the rating system into four equally-weighted categories. Here are the four categories and my rationale behind each category.

  1. Experience – Based purely on eligibility. All Freshman are given the same grade, all Sophmores are given the same grade, etc. This could have been more scientific, but I kept this basic.
  2. Production – Based on career production with 2019 production weighted the most.
  3. Athleticism – Athleticism relative to the need of the position.
  4. Size – Based on prototypical size for the player’s position.

Obviously, the actual ratings formula is much more complex than those four categories, but they will serve the purpose of our rating system.

Without further ado, here are the ratings for the BYU Football roster. We’ll release #31 – 40 today and we’ll continue the countdown in the coming days:

#31 Baylor Romney (82 overall)

#32 Bracken El-Bakri (81 overall)

#33 Keenan Ellis (81 overall)

#34 Mo Unutoa (81 overall)

#35 Shamon Willis (81 overall)

#36 Sione Finau (80 overall)

#37 Zac Dawe (80 overall)

#38 Clark Barrington (80 overall)

#39 Johnny Tapusoa (80 overall)

#40 Isaiah Herron (80 overall)

#41 Jackson Kaufusi (80 overall)

#42 Malik Moore (80 overall)

#43 Alden Tofa (80 overall)

#44 George Udo (80 overall)

#45 Keanu Hill (79 overall)

#46 Hayden Livingston (79 overall)

#47 Atunaisa Mahe (79 overall)

#48 Isaac Rex (79 overall)

#49 Jacques Wilson (79 overall)

#50 Jackson McChesney (78 overall)

Alema Pilimai (78 overall)

– Gabe Summers (78 overall)

– Earl Tuioti-Mariner (78 overall)

– Tyler Allgeier (78 overall)

Think we got it right? Submit your questions or feedback of the ratings system below!

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