Zach Osborne on Recovering From Injury, Racing Supercross When Championship

Will you have much opportunity on improving setup if you can’t ride, or is more just get it close and ride out these last seven races?
I’m not a huge, week-to-week setup guy. I’m not always trying to find the golden setting every day. For me it’s more of a thing of going there and tuning it in a little bit. The dirt’s going to be relatively the same the whole time, barring some sort of rainstorm. I think if we can get close at the first round we’ll be pretty good for the rest of them. I’m not stressed about it much.

Will you be staying in Utah the entire time, or will there be any back and forth?
We’re allowed to leave Utah, but if we leave the state we have to be back 48 hours prior racing to test for COVID[-19] so there’s no real opportunity to leave. You can leave for one day, but what’s the point? I think we’ll be there the whole time.

Yeah, that’s the same with media, the 48-hour window. So being a dad in this situation, what do you do? Do you bring the whole family out there or keep them out of the travel circuit?
It’s not really a huge decision for us. We’re going to take the motorhome, pack up for a couple weeks, and go racing in Utah. That’s the plan. It’s pretty straightforward.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done to pass the time during quarantine?
I built some garden boxes for my wife and started a couple restoration projects. That’s something I enjoy, restoring motorcycles. And right now I’m working on a bicycle for my daughter, which has been a fun project. There have been a lot of chores around the house too. The first six weeks were pretty gnarly for me because I was just trying to get back to 100 percent, not even just for riding, just for life, and that passed a lot of the time. My kids are homeschooled and my wife’s a homebody so it’s been pretty much normal going for them, except for that I’ve been home a lot. There hasn’t been a lot of change for us except that I’ve had time to do some fun stuff around the house I wouldn’t normally have time to do. Nothing really strange, we’re just enjoying the time.

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